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What is Mobile Report?

It can be easily define the source of the data’s, relations between data’s and which data’s will be used via advanced control panel in Mobile Report. These definitions done for once. Mobile report process the data’s taken into its own environment to generate analyses reports, graphics. All the graphs, reports analyses updated concurrently.

Drag, Drop Visualize

Imagine a reporting tool that any user can design his/her reports. You can do it with Mobile Report. Mobile Report is a revolutionary self service data visualization and data mining tool developed for users, departments and corporate

You can rapidly and easily visualize your data, query it with deeper details, extract the connections and observe the opportunities via Mobile Report

Mobile report under your fingers with tablet comfort

You can have the advantage of large touch screens of tablets of Apple IOS and Android with Mobile Report without dependent on any brands

Mobile Report – One Design in all Devices

You can run all your reports in web, android and ios that designed for Mobile Report

Safety On Mobile

On mobile environment one of the most important issue is safety! Safety must be considered when you work on Mobile BI. Because you let your users to access to your confidential information about your company.
Mobile report provides a centralized safety, access and user management on mobile platforms. Mobile report never keeps date on your smart phone, tablets etc. Also allows restrictions to device by device. Besides without your database server port not open for internet, a web service layer developed to serve the information for mobiles to increase the safety on mobile world.