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  • Querying datas from various sources
  • Rapidly analyze and gather datas without any corruption and data loss
  • Online tracking of the inromation in web, IOS (Iphone, Ipad) and Android devices.
  • You can easily define cross reports and pivot your reports with drag and drop design tool.
  • Without depending on any OS you can use touchscreen devices to have your reports analyzes and graphics from anywhere else.
  • Regardless of the operating system, with any tablet or smart mobile device, you can access your data by simply touching the screen, scanning, enlarging the screen and analyzing live data from anywhere.


  • Ease of use and short learning curve
  • Drag and drop report design
  • Fast
  • Easy to develop
  • Platform independent and can be integrated to any device
  • With highest safety standarts your datas never published
  • An effective way to track your business via mobile.
  • Monitor your financials from your mobile
  • Push Notification for any activities as a massage to your smart phone.
  • Many data sources / company info in one application.
  • Open for development